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Konzen Group has made its name known as a leading player in the environmental management and water treatment industries, providing comprehensive solutions to a wide range of clients. We have advanced technologies to meet the growing demands of the industry and offer the complete range of water and wastewater treatment services. It is our goal to deliver innovative solutions that is driving Konzen Group further, adding value to the overall business of our clients.
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Konzen offers wastewater treatment and water purification solutions, satisfying our numerous clients from industries such as microelectronics, petrochemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and others.
Based in the Tianjin municipality of China, Konzen has been delivering water treatment solutions to clients all over China, which includes an impressive list of internationally renowned names.
Konzen Clean Energy has developed a total solutions approach encompassing unique technologies for the effective treatment of palm oil mill effluent POME and other high organic effluent streams.

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