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Konzen is armed with a sizable team of competent personnel who are well-versed in engineering, specialising in water treatment. Konzen’s vast industrial experience in the past has earned us a positive reputation among our broad clientele, the majority of whom are from the semiconductors sector. Konzen is also involved in the construction of centralized industrial water treatment plants in China.

With great confidence, we offer total water treatment solutions which cover the following services:


Konzen takes charge in designing and programming ultra-pure water treatment or wastewater treatment plants. Meticulous studies and diligent research are conducted to uphold the quality. It is also Konzen’s duty to ensure that all designs illustrated are law-compliant.


Top-tier craftsmanship is promised when it comes to installation. Safety measures are mandatory and are strictly practiced throughout the timeframe of installation. With great attention to detail, Konzen is capable of building robust plants that provide optimum operation over extensive periods of time.


Upholding a “zero downtime” policy, Konzen schedules monthly on-site visits to assess the performance of each plant. Coverage of electrical slippage, gas leak dictation, and electrical control system examinations are among the assessments conducted by our skilful engineers. Konzen also provides speedy replacement of damaged parts to prevent any disruptions in operation.


Konzen provides 24-7 technical support via telephone, fax or email, provided in the Support page. Our consultants in Konzen are working around the clock to assist clients in solving any issues pertaining to our water treatment plants.

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We are in the process of setting up service centres throughout key business units in Asia. Experienced service engineers and technicians are deployed to each service centre. The service centres are equipped with all necessary service facilities to handle operations on a 24×7 basis. Our service teams will be coordinating and cooperating with our Singapore and China Water Technology Hub to enhance the quality of our services to customers, concurrently promoting our new technologies as solutions in water treatment.

We provide on-site inspection and maintenance service contracts that cover a wide range of technology, application and industries. With these services, we have been satisfying customers for more than 17 years. Konzen ensures the highest quality water generation to meet both our customers’ expectations and environmental discharge standards. We achieve this by closely monitoring daily performance of the system.


We offer flexible, expandable and customized service contract meet individual customers’ requirements. The scope of our contracts covers basic performance checks by our experienced engineers to full O&M packages with 24×7 operation.

You as the customer will benefit from:


Our plant
performance evaluation

Date logged

Good system operations and

Consistency in water
quality output

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All our service procedures are well documented and have achieved the